Your voice is your livelihood: from closing the sale, to networking, to sharing your passion through public speaking… you depend on your voice everyday for the success of your business. But, you are not landing the results you want and you know it has to do with your voice and how you present yourself. Rejoice In Your Voice™ can help!



Who You Are

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.41.02 AMYou are a business owner, an entrepreneur, and a big thinker.  You’re intelligent, passionate, a hard worker and want to serve the greater good. You have made incredible sacrifices to own your business. You love the freedom, but are very aware that the success of your business is in your hands alone.  You close the sale. You connect at networking events. You give workshops, presentations, and retreats. You are the keynote speaker. You use your voice everyday, and you know that how you show-up, in voice and in body, makes all the difference in your success and the reach of your impact. You would like solid strategies to help you speak with more confidence and strength. You desire presentation skills that enable you to deliver your best self every time. You have a huge vision to step into, and you want your voice and your body to support you every step of the way. 


What Your Issues Tend To Be

speaker photo1You struggle with consistency. Sometimes your voice is there for you, other times it isn’t. You feel like a strong person with a weak voice, and people asking you to “speak up” or “talk louder” doesn’t help. You try to make your voice travel to the back of the room, but instead you just push and feel more uncomfortable speaking. To make it worse, your message is not landing and you are losing people. You end up getting hoarse or losing your voice altogether.  You feel insecure when you have to speak in front of others….not because you don’t have something to say, but because you are not sure what is going to come out. “I hope they hear me.” Your body language betrays you as well. You are either stiff and flat or flailing your arms and moving randomly about. Either way, it is distracting, but you don’t know how to fix it. You are feeling frustrated and discouraged. You know you need help, but you’re not sure where to turn. 



What You Need Most Right Now


Your focus right now is in two areas; addressing vocal habits, and learning authentic presentation skills. You need targeted vocal technique to give you a solid command of your voice; whether it’s breath management, releasing laryngeal, tongue and jaw tension, body alignment, vocal placement, and/or diction. You need simple but effective tools to support a powerful body language, along with gently observing your mind-set that correlates directly to how you are showing-up with clients. You need an integrated vocal approach to increase your level of mastery and to make sure your time, whether speaking one-on-one or in the spotlight, creates the impact you desire, allowing your vision to blossom and your business to thrive. 


Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.42.51 AMI recommend the best program for you is the Complete Vocal System™ Speaker’s Track

The Complete Vocal System™ is a personalized curriculum targeting five crucial areas for your vocal and presentation development. The Speaker’s Track is specifically designed to meet your individual vocal needs and guide you through exercises and awarenesses necessary to use your voice and body with your confidence. 


Step 1. As a speaker, you will fill out a questionnaire regarding the areas you would like to work on and the outcomes you would like to achieve.


Step 2. During your free 30-minute consultation, in person, on the phone, or via skype, we will talk about your vocal and presentation concerns and goals, discuss a strategy to address your desired outcomes, and introduce you to some vocal exercises.


Step 3. Set up a lesson schedule to help you reach your goals.


All students will have the opportunity to explore the following areas:

1. Healthy Technique
2. Body Connection
3. Acting Singer
4. Performance Mind-Set
5. Business Awareness



Presentation Incorporation


Muscle Coordination
Pilates Exercises
Yoga Exercises
Alexander Technique
Tai Chi Exercises
Presentation Incorporation


Brand Development
Text Analysis
Speech Incorporation
Your Stories




Personal Learning Style
Goals Setting
Efficient Practice Habits
Memorization Strategies
Conquering Stage Fright
Performance Psychology
Service Through Speaking
Presentation Incorporation



Access to Online Interviews with Public Speakers
Access to Online Interviews with Sales Consultants
Access to Online Interviews with Vocal Specialist
Access to Online Interviews with Actors and Singers