My studio is grounded in teaching a healthy vocal technique that can be adapted to any genre of music. I focus on efficient breath management, freeing body tension, and healthy placement of the voice. I prefer an integrated approach that aligns technique with nurturing performance opportunities as well as a look at the mind-set my students bring to their creative process. I want all my students to embrace the unique quality of their voice so they can enjoy the growth process and rejoice in their voice every step of the way… this includes singing with a healthy technique for a lifetime.

My students sing music they love; melodies and lyrics that resonant with their soul and feels good in their vocal range. I spent years singing music everyone else wanted me to sing, until one teacher encouraged me to research and discover pieces that spoke to me on deep level. Those songs were fun to learn, sing, and perform. I foster that same connection when selecting and working on music with my students.

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