Presentation Mind-Set
  • How we do anything is how we do everything. Mind-set is where it all starts and ends. Our ideas about worth and being deserving are critical…not just for the part we want to play in the show…but the part we play in the world. We look at how to work with fear and still reach your goals, how to jump over or dig under creative blocks, and to honor yourself as the unique and creative communicative person you are. 

  • Choice Thumb Nail
    Tricia Leines Pine

    Performance mind-set is really life mind-set. What we bring to the stage is how we live life, and for me, the more I understand myself and why I do what I do, not only will I better serve my art, but I will live life with more awareness and…that means more beauty.  I seek to share myself transparently with the hope that by living my truth you may find what you are looking for and we may share this very wonderful experience.