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  • Are you like me? Do you really want to know the science and art behind using your voice? Below are oodles of articles and videos sharing time-tested exercises, tools and strategies to help you truly understanding the unique qualities of your voice and intricacies of the vocal apparatus. 

  • Blog Thumb It's Not all Fun
    Tricia Leines Pine

    In this week’s video teaching I give you strategies to help you lean into the painful emotions and get the deep work done anyway.

    Tricia Leines Pine

    To take our art, our message to the next level we must always be looking for those elements of our presentations or performances that are not meeting our expectations and do our absolute best to make those elements better.

    Tricia Leines Pine

    Learn about principle #3 of “Deliberate Practice” as shared by Geoff Colvin in his best selling book – Talent is Overrated: “Feedback on results is continuously available.”

    Repeat Thumb Blog
    Tricia Leines Pine

    And this week’s “deliberate practice” principle is… are you ready?
    “It can be repeated a lot.”
    Just like last week’s lesson – don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this statement.
    The “it” and the how are the differentiating factors in the repetition.

    Tricia Leines Pine

    For the next six weeks,we are diving into the six elements of “deliberate practice” as shared in Geoff Colvin’s book – Talent is Overrated. You must design your practice time to stretch you beyond your current ability. So how do we do that? Let’s make a plan…

    Tricia Leines Pine

    Are you getting the results you want from your voice?   Are you being strategic with your practice time?   Practice is necessary in our craft, and a few shifts in your approach may take you to the next level. aaa

    Cow small
    Tricia Leines Pine

    Are struggling with a breathy tone, vocal fatigue, or a tense tongue and larynx?
    Today, I am sharing with you a great warm-up to help clear up those issues and mmmmmooooore…

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    Tricia Leines Pine

    Are you relying on mic, monitors, and sound engineers to be your sole source of vocal feedback? Are you manipulating your vocal technique on the fly to “fix” your sound? Do this on a repeated basis and chronic vocal issues may arise, and your career may be in jeopardy. Here’s how to use a sound system to your benefit….