Athletic Singing: The Voice Body Connection
  • Together we will look at easy ways to invite body connection into our singing.  Sometimes singing is thought of as something that happens between the vocal folds and the breathing mechanism, but I believe the entire body may be engaged when singing. An athletic singer reaps many rewards vocally, musically, and physically. Check out the below videos and articles that unite your voice and body. 

  • Release Blog Thumb
    Tricia Leines Pine

    When the same message shows up from seemingly unrelated places, it gets my attention.

    Join me as I share how three different sources come together to help us release the breath and connect with our core sound.

    Waterfall Thumb
    Tricia Leines Pine

    Try this wonderful way to wake up the voice, stretch into the soft palate, find the lift to relax the tongue and larynx, and expand range…

    Negative Thumb
    Tricia Leines Pine

    In today’s video, I share with you how focusing on negative space can flip your perspective and give you positive vocal results.

    Easy crop
    Tricia Leines Pine

    “Easy” – it is a term I use often when describing elements of  the vocal technique that I teach.  Last week I heard from a viewer that said, “Tricia, singing is not easy!” Here’s  my response…

    No Neck Blog
    Tricia Leines Pine

    Let’s shift your neck-reaching, voice-straining habit and move to singing with ease and freedom… and achieve as a result a better sound, longer career, and more confidence.

    Tongue Sodt Palate Blog
    Tricia Leines Pine

    Try these vocal tools to help your tongue relax as you work your soft palate awareness into your speaking and singing….

    Soft Palate Blog Thumb
    Tricia Leines Pine

    Do you want more ease in your sound?   Do you desire a richness to your tone?   Do you long to sing and speak with more resonance and freedom?    This lesson may unlock your authentic voice and makeaaa

    Blog Vocal Strain
    Tricia Leines Pine

    When speaking or singing, what do you do when you feel vocal strain?
    Here’s a list of problem-solving ideas to keep you in the solution and using your voice with more freedom and ease…