Authentic Storytelling
  • Together, we delve into strategic ways to bring words, lyrics, stories and presentations to life so you can make the greatest impact on your audience. Serving the words is a vocalist’s most satisfying and challenging task. It is the person who chooses to go deeply into his or her own awareness, using authentic physical postures and gestures, whose message transcends the proscenium line and draws forth tears, a spontaneous belly laugh, or sparks a new perspective.

  • Blog Vocal Strain
    Tricia Leines Pine

    When speaking or singing, what do you do when you feel vocal strain?
    Here’s a list of problem-solving ideas to keep you in the solution and using your voice with more freedom and ease…

    Tricia Leines Pine

    Stop.   Put the music down.   Building the connected relationship with your voice-body comes first.   I want to help you find the music in and on your body and to do that – I would like you toaaa

    Drawing Breath Blog
    Tricia Leines Pine

    Singers and vocalists are wind instruments… and with this imagery exercise you can shift your breath awareness for a deeper connection with the source of your sound.

    Blog Thumb It's Not all Fun
    Tricia Leines Pine

    In this week’s video teaching I give you strategies to help you lean into the painful emotions and get the deep work done anyway.

    Tricia Leines Pine

    For the next six weeks,we are diving into the six elements of “deliberate practice” as shared in Geoff Colvin’s book – Talent is Overrated. You must design your practice time to stretch you beyond your current ability. So how do we do that? Let’s make a plan…

    Lose Your Voice Thumb
    Tricia Leines Pine

    When you depend upon your voice everyday for your livelihood… being sick can bring life – and income – to a halt. Here are my home remedies to help you get your voice back as soon as possible…

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    Tricia Leines Pine

    Do you struggle with performance nerves? Do you want to make a deeper connection with the audience? Download my free character analysis, fill out the worksheet, and take your performance to a new level.

    livia and jack
    Tricia Leines Pine

    Welcome to the Rejoice In Your Voice™ Masterclass Podcast, where I interview industry professionals, asking important questions of conductors, agents, singers, coaches, teachers, and directors, sharing powerful knowledge to help you craft your path to performing success! For, I want you to have the thriving singer’s life you deserve!