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Whether a professional singer, a serious hobbyist, or a beginner with a dream, you know there are areas of voice that could be stronger. You want time-tested tools, strategies and exercises to help you reach your singing goals. Rejoice In Your Voice™ can help you!



Who You Are


Singing is your passion. You’re smart, talented, and have made great sacrifices to keep music in your life and stay on stage. It is not easy, but you put your singing first in your life. You are open but rightfully skeptical when it comes to trying a new teacher or vocal approach. You have experienced both amazing teachers and not so amazing teachers and want to make sure you are in good hands. You are on an invigorating journey of enlightenment that can only come through singing, performing, acting, and sharing your craft with the world. But you would like more tools in your singing and performing tool kit and a teacher you can trust to help reach your goals.



                                                              What Your Issues Tend To Be


You want to go deeper. Your art is evolving, but you feel there are areas where you have reached a plateau. Your vocal routines are not providing you the progress you desire. You are not meeting your expectations, and it is not for lack of trying. There are shadows of insecurity in your work that only you can detect, but as the vulnerable, open artist you are driven to root out any fears that could taint your work. You wonder if a fresh look, a new perspective might take you to the next level of mastery? You want a better understanding of breath management, to sing totally tension free and entirely connected to your body. You want to perform for a lifetime and you know there is still much to learn.



What You Need Most Right Now


Your focus right now is in two areas; addressing vocal habits and the mind set you are bringing to your life’s work. You need targeted vocal technique to address your specific issues; whether it’s breath management, releasing laryngeal, tongue, jaw tension, body alignment, vocal placement, diction, or enhanced acting technique. Gently observing the mind-set piece provides mind, heart, and soul breakthroughs that correlate directly to our performing. Partaking in a consistent performing opportunity to try on new technique is very important. You need an integrated vocal approach to increase your level of mastery and to make sure your time in the spotlight creates the dramatic impact you desire. 


The Best Program For You is the Complete Vocal System™ Singer’s Track

The Complete Vocal System™ is a personalized curriculum targeting five crucial areas for your singing development and is specifically designed to meet your individual vocal needs and guide you through exercises and awarenesses necessary to sing with more strength, confidence, and expression.


Step 1. You will fill out a questionnaire regarding the areas you would like to work on and the outcomes you would like to achieve.


Step 2. During your free 30-minute consultation, in person, on the phone, or via skype, we will talk about your vocal concerns and goals, discuss a strategy to address your desired outcomes, and introduce you to some level-appropriate singing exercises.


Step 3. Set up a lesson schedule to help you reach your goals.


You will have the opportunity to explore the following areas:

1. Healthy Technique
2. Body Connection
3. Authentic Storytelling
4. Presentation Mind-Set
5. Business Awareness



Language Exploration: German, French, and Italian
Performance Incorporation


Muscle Coordination
Pilates Exercises
Yoga Exercises
Alexander Technique
Tai Chi Exercises
Performance Incorporation


Stage Vocabulary/Directions
Character Development
Text Analysis
Song Analysis
Song Incorporation
Stage Movement




Personal Learning Style
Goals Setting
Efficient Practice Habits
Memorization Strategies
Conquering Stage Fright
Performance Psychology
Service Through Song
Monthly Performance Class



Access to Online Interviews with Directors
Access to Online Interviews with Conductors
Access to Online Interviews with Singing Professionals
Access to Online Interviews with Agents