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Tricia picTricia holds a Master of Music Degree in Voice Performance from the Manhattan School of Music. She is an award-winning performing, international public speaker, and experienced singing instructor and vocal coach. Tricia helps men and women develop a strong, expressive and confident voice through her Complete Vocal System™.


“ It looks like you have lots of performing experience and teaching experience…but how did you develop the Complete Vocal System™?”

This is a great question and to best answer it, let me share with you a personal story… a defining time in my life that led to a huge shift in my creative process.


I was a the youngest of 6 kids, the next sibling was 12 years older than me… I did not have two parents, I had eight. On a good day, I had a built in audience and on a bad day they were a tough crowd to please.


I did my best to keep up with these fast moving, A-type personalities, but as I tried to simply get the words out, this little one couldn’t do it fast enough… and I developed a severe stutter at a very young age.  While I grew out of the stutter, the body conditioning and fear of communication stayed with me for many years; unconsciously affecting how I used my voice to sing and speak.



I was drawn to music as my comfort, but it seemed my voice had its own agenda and was very unpredictable. Time and time again, I’d land a show, get the lead and, come performance I would loose my voice or have to strain to push through the songs. Thankfully, I left every show with a happy audience and director, but this was not a sustainable plan and I needed to fix it.


I looked for answers… I tried everything from acupuncture, alkaline soup, green drink and magnets, to oral steroids.  And as all things are connected, metaphorically, I lost my voice in my relationships as well… let’s just say one bad relationship after the other…


But wait! I am a serious artist. I love my craft. I work hard.  I am dedicated to sharing my song… making a difference in the world. I am spiritual person. I seek to do no harm. I am a personal development junkie – I don’t consider myself unconscious… Why is this happening?




It became worse. I began to detest the sound of my voice.  I lost trust in myself, stopped singing altogether, and went into hibernation… literally moved to Alaska to do it! I packed away my music books and  became a photographer so I could be quiet for good!


But then one magical day… the clouds opened, the angels sang, and into my dark world came my fairy voice teacher… I had hit rock bottom and she was there to pull me up by my snow boots.  


I took a huge leap of faith, and it was under her instruction that I learned how to sing again, and to slowly fall in love with my voice. She gave me practical tools to integrate my body and my feelings into my sound. I took baby steps and found that I was soon performing with more ease and freedom. It was fun. All the years of self-development work, singing technique, acting study, and business insight finally found fertile ground to thrive.


I began to listen to myself and trust my intuition. I made better life choices. I no longer lost my voice, and I was able to lean in and sing through the ups and downs of life… appreciating all of it. After many years of trying, pushing, and struggling, I was finally singing healthfully and powerfully; using my unique voice as it was meant to be. This confidence and trust in my instrument led me to landing better singing jobs, my income increased, and I was in the driver’s seat of creating a life I love. I was whole, connected and aligned even in the hard times. When my sweet Mom passed away in September, I was able to both mourn for her and sing at her funeral with no separation, no hiding… one voice-body singing from a grounded place of spiritual integration.




My vocal mentor and my personal journey are what led me to creating my Complete Vocal System™ – Body Connection, Healthy Technique, Business Awareness, The Acting Singer, Musician’s Mind-Set; a pathway to supporting the entire singer and speaker.


This work works, and I have dedicated my life to passing on this integrated approach of singing to my students; My Complete Vocal System is a personalized program for professional men and women whose voice is their livelihood.


From public speaking to performing; like me, they desire to make a life doing what they love while greatly impacting the audience they serve. But they struggle with not landing the audition or the higher-paying gigs, or not signing the contract…. They feel frustrated as they know they have a unique gift to give – but they are stuck, and it has something to do with their voice and how they are presenting themselves.


It is my passion to guide my students step-by-step to vocal strength, powerful presentation, and a deeper connection to their audience – resulting in more speaking and singing gigs, increased income, and greater reach for their message; To finally feel whole and heard.



Tell me more about your professional experience?

I feel so fortunate to have a wonderful singing career. I have performed as a soloist or as the title role in main stage productions for over 25 years… and I still enjoy auditioning, singing, and performing.


Some of my favorite roles include…Musetta in La Boheme, Mrs. Ford in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Cunegonde in Candide, Josephine, Yum-Yum, and Mabel in delightful Gilbert and Sullivan productions, Adele in the Die Fledermaus, Gretel in Hansel and Gretel, Laurie in Carousel, Lilli Vanessi in Kiss Me Kate, Maria in West Side Story, as well as a soloist in productions of Swing!, Songs of New World, and The World Goes Round.


23I love to travel, and performing opportunities have taken me to beautiful places around the globe…Japan, Austria, Germany, Malta, and England. Educationally, I earned my Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance from the University of Redlands in California and my Master of Music in Voice Performance from the Manhattan School of Music in New York City. I was member of Actors Equity for five years. When researching performance avenues to earn money for school, I stumbled upon the Miss America Organization. Later, I was crowned Miss Oregon and went on to the national competition in Atlantic City where I won the preliminary Talent and was named 2nd Runner-up…winning an education scholarship to pay for my entire undergraduate degree. That was fun!


For me, it is very important to stay active in my career. Not only do I love to perform, but the act of continually putting myself in front of directors, casting agents, and audiences gives me first-hand experience as to tools that provide results. I know what it is like to feel nervous and how to work through it. I know how to develop a character, perform with authenticity, and sing to the best of my ability regardless of the circumstance. Taking my art from the practice room to the stage keeps me forever growing, learning, and accountable to the outcome. My students benefit as well, for nurturing my career provides valuable knowledge to pass on to them.


What is your teaching experience?

For twelve years I have been sharing with my students, not only the wisdom I have gleaned from my professional career, but the best practices of vocal pedagogy passed on to me my teachers in L.A., New York, and Europe. Each one gave me valuable technique used by world class singers, tools that helped me sing better and perform with more confidence. Like you, I am a student, I continue to take monthly lessons, and I annually travel to New York City. Behind the scenes, I do daily research, writing, and reading on vocal pedagogy, body strength, acting, business, and performance psychology. These topics make up the 5 tenants of my Complete Vocal System™. It has been my personal experience that the comprehensive nature of the Complete Singer System™ creates a strong foundation, addresses the gaps, and aligns the singer with their divine potential and creative joy.


What kind of musical styles do you teach?

My studio is grounded in teaching a healthy vocal technique that can be adapted to any genre of music. I focus on efficient breath management, freeing body tension, and healthy placement of the voice. I prefer an integrated approach that aligns technique with nurturing performance opportunities, as well as a look at the mind-set my students bring to their creative process. I want all my students to embrace the unique quality of their voice so they can enjoy the growth process and rejoice in their voice every step of the way…this includes singing with a healthy technique for a lifetime.


My students sing music they love; melodies and lyrics that resonant with their soul and feels good in their vocal range. I spent years singing music everyone else wanted me to sing, until one teacher encouraged me to research and discover pieces that spoke to me on a deep level. Those songs were fun to learn, sing, and perform. I foster that same connection when selecting and working on music with my students.


What is a typical lesson like?

An hour lesson is split up into warm-ups, transitioning into learning new exercises from the Complete Singer System™, then applying what the student is learning into selected music pieces.


How much time commitment do I need?

In addition to one-hour weekly lessons, I recommend a minimum of  30 minutes of practice a day…this can be split up…but remember to warm-up each time before you start working on your songs. For the hobbyist and professional, it would be very beneficial to practice an hour a day. But truly…like learning a language…consistency is more important than cramming 3 hours of practice into one day before your lesson. Practicing a little bit each day will keep your vocal folds limber and your muscle memory engaged.


What is wonderful about learning an integrated approach to singing is there are many exercises and concepts that may be applied and practiced during everyday activities; breath work, vocal placement in speech, mind-set awareness…etc.


How often will I have lessons?

Once a week is the most popular choice and gives you the most value for your investment. You may also choose to have a one-time coaching if that fits your needs and/or you need extra time because of an upcoming audition or performance, two lessons/week can be arranged. I am here to help in any way I can.


What other learning experiences can you provide?

In addition to my Rejoice In Your Voice™ Complete Vocal System™, I provide a monthly performing class free of charge.


Students also receive my weekly online newsletter, giving valuable vocal tools for improved singing.


Who are my students exactly?

20I have three types of students.

The Student; males and females raging from 7th grade through college age. They are developing their voice and acquiring the necessary tools to sing healthfully and dynamically for a lifetime.

The Hobbyist; males and females that are either parents or employees…or any combination thereof, but who desire music in their life. They sing in choirs, perform in community theater or in bands, or sing some mean karaoke!

The Professional; males and females dedicated to performing. These students make a living creating, performing, or recording music and are dedicated to reaching their full potential.


What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

The student that benefits most from my style of teaching is the student that is deeply committed to the process. They have a desire to improve and will take the necessary action to accomplish the work…this can be as simple as working for 10 minutes on warm-ups each a day, yet they show up and take the action. They are open to new ideas and trying new techniques. They understand that consistency is key to all conditioning and training.


How am I different from other voice teachers?

Every teacher filters their work through their unique experience. There are many schools of thought and philosophies in the singing world, and to make it even more confusing, some contradict each other.


I keep my singing philosophy very simple. I come from a classical background. My desire when I was young was to sing well into my 80’s. I wanted to know how to avoid vocal damage and sing with a healthy, beautiful sound for a lifetime. I also felt acting and reaching the audience was crucial to my delivery. I spent a great deal of time developing my acting skills and discovering how to deeply connect with the audience while serving the music and the drama of the piece.


If you take a moment to read my story above, you will see that reason I created the Compete Singer System™ was to help singers in an integrated way that I never had as an artist.


The Complete Vocal System™ is a personalized curriculum targeting five crucial areas for your singing development.

You may choose one of three tracks to best meet your needs:
Student Track
Hobbyist Track
Professional Track


Each track is specifically designed to meet the individual’s vocal needs and guide him or her through exercises and awarenesses necessary to sing with more beauty, confidence, and joy.


dStep 1. As a student, hobbyist, or professional, you will fill out a questionnaire regarding the areas you would like to work on and the outcomes you would like to achieve.

Step 2. During your free 30-minute consultation, in person or via skype, we will talk about your vocal concerns and goals, discuss a strategy that meets your needs, and introduce you to some level-appropriate singing exercises.

Step 3. Set up a lesson schedule that meets your needs.


All students will have the opportunity to explore the following areas:

1. Healthy Technique
2. Body Connection
3. Acting Singer
4. Performance Mind-Set

Each area is personalized to your singing and performing needs, aligned with your desires; meeting your goals in a designated time.

And because of my Complete Singer System™ I find my students sing better, perform with more enjoyment….less fear, and make a greater connection to their audiences.


What kind of results can I expect?

You will have practical, easy to use exercises that will bring you more ease in your singing, more confidence in your performing, and better body connection assisting you in breath management and movement. Your vocal range will expand. High notes will be easier and you will better understand your voice as to create the sound you desire. You will also gain skills to navigate the poetry of the words to help you make a dynamic impact on your audience. Because of your tools and application, you will find new joy in your singing and in your life.


How quickly can I expect results? 

Every student is different and brings their own set of goals to the lessons. Applying the tools of my Complete Singer System™ will help you reach your goals. How much time you give, how focused you are, and how efficiently you use your time outside of your lesson time will greatly determine rate of your progress.


What type of singer is this program NOT going to work for?

I believe the tools I have for healthy vocal technique, body connection, and performance mind-set can apply to every type of singer. I feel the singer that will not benefit from the program would be the inconsistent and sporadic student. There is certain amount of muscle memory that needs to be conditioned into a student’s awareness, and a student that has a lesson only every two to three months, unless it is to specifically coach blocking for a piece, will find it challenging to make vocal and performing progress.


Also, I am very selective about the young singers I teach. I will never encourage long-term vocal damage while the vocal folds are maturing, so young singers that want to only sing a high chest belt would not be a good fit for me, as I feel this type of singing at very young ages can be detrimental to the artist’s long-term career.


What are your payment methods?

For lesson tuition, I take cash or check. Or you may use the Paypal button located at the top of the Lessons page.


Now that I know that I want to try your Complete Singer System™, how do I get started?

Call or email to find out more details about working with me…


call Cell: 303-886-5418


msg  Email: triciapine@rejoiceinyourvoice.com


If you want to study voice and are looking for a voice teacher to work with long term? Email me today to receive lesson details: triciapine@RejoiceInYourVoice.com.


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