Have the strong, expressive and confident voice you have always wanted!
A strong, expressive and confident voice makes all the difference when it comes to landing your audition, securing more paid speaking gigs, and attracting the clients you love to serve. So how do you get that impactful voice? I would love to show you....
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Easy crop
Tricia Leines Pine

“Easy” – it is a term I use often when describing elements of  the vocal technique that I teach.  Last week I heard from a viewer that said, “Tricia, singing is not easy!” Here’s  my response…

No Neck Blog
Tricia Leines Pine

Let’s shift your neck-reaching, voice-straining habit and move to singing with ease and freedom… and achieve as a result a better sound, longer career, and more confidence.

Tongue Sodt Palate Blog
Tricia Leines Pine

Try these vocal tools to help your tongue relax as you work your soft palate awareness into your speaking and singing….

Soft Palate Blog Thumb
Tricia Leines Pine

Do you want more ease in your sound?   Do you desire a richness to your tone?   Do you long to sing and speak with more resonance and freedom?    This lesson may unlock your authentic voice and makeaaa

Blog Vocal Strain
Tricia Leines Pine

When speaking or singing, what do you do when you feel vocal strain?
Here’s a list of problem-solving ideas to keep you in the solution and using your voice with more freedom and ease…

Tricia Leines Pine

Stop.   Put the music down.   Building the connected relationship with your voice-body comes first.   I want to help you find the music in and on your body and to do that – I would like you toaaa

Drawing Breath Blog
Tricia Leines Pine

Singers and vocalists are wind instruments… and with this imagery exercise you can shift your breath awareness for a deeper connection with the source of your sound.