Have you always wanted to learn how to sing or have been singing for up to five years? Do you want to feel more confident about your voice?

Is singing an integral part of your busy life? Do you need brush up your skills and learn time-tested exercises to make performing more fun?

Is performing your passion and livelihood? Have you reached a plateau in areas of your technique and need to dig deeper to reach your goals?

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Tricia Leines Pine

Are your shoulders tight and tense? Shoulder tension may make it more difficult to sing with ease. Try these 5 shoulder stretches to open up your sound and sing with more freedom. 

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Tricia Leines Pine

  Who is important to you?   What do you hold valuable?   What would you put in your safe deposit box?   Last weekend, I traveled to Oregon to handle some details involving my mom’s estate.  Mom passed awayaaa

Neck Tension Small
Tricia Leines Pine

The average head weighs about 10-11 pounds… as our magnificent neck holds this weight and houses our precious vocal folds… there may be some habits that have crept in over time that may not serve you in your singing.

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Tricia Leines Pine

The tongue is necessary for singing – making vowels, consonants… sharing those lyrics we love so much. But, sometimes the tongue may be tense or tight, especially at the tongue root, causing additional pressure or tension on the larynx, which houses the vocal folds. This could cause a chain reaction and show up in our vocal production

Jaw_Thumb_ New
Tricia Leines Pine

For many singers the jaw can be a spot of tension. It is not surprising that our jaws may be a bit tight or over-involved while singing – it is powerhouse muscle. Try these exercises and see how they may help you!