Have the strong, expressive and confident voice you have always wanted!
A strong, expressive and confident voice makes all the difference when it comes to landing your audition, securing more paid speaking gigs, and attracting the clients you love to serve. So how do you get that impactful voice? I would love to show you....
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Tricia Leines Pine

Click the video below to see why I created this useful practice tool and how I used it to support me in having a really fun, vocally strong and audience-pleasing performance.

Weird Food Things Thumb
Tricia Leines Pine

In this video, I share with you what I eat right before I step on on stage so I can sing my very best…

Thumb Brett
Tricia Leines Pine

This week, I interview performance coach, Brett Manning.

He works with athletes, musicians, performers and business people all over the country coaching them to reach their potential and their goals.

Brett gives us valuable mindset tools to make dynamic shifts in our voice and career.

Prayers Blog Thumb
Tricia Leines Pine

In this master class interview, Jennifer Urezzio shares her suggestions on how to handle fear, connect more deeply to your audience, and craft a prayer that empowers your voice and career.

Release Blog Thumb
Tricia Leines Pine

When the same message shows up from seemingly unrelated places, it gets my attention.

Join me as I share how three different sources come together to help us release the breath and connect with our core sound.

Waterfall Thumb
Tricia Leines Pine

Try this wonderful way to wake up the voice, stretch into the soft palate, find the lift to relax the tongue and larynx, and expand range…

Negative Thumb
Tricia Leines Pine

In today’s video, I share with you how focusing on negative space can flip your perspective and give you positive vocal results.