Have you always wanted to learn how to sing or have been singing for up to five years? Do you want to feel more confident about your voice?

Is singing an integral part of your busy life? Do you need brush up your skills and learn time-tested exercises to make performing more fun?

Is performing your passion and livelihood? Have you reached a plateau in areas of your technique and need to dig deeper to reach your goals?

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Tricia Leines Pine

It was the call that shifted everything. “Tricia, Mom has a 50% chance of living. I can’t do this alone. You need to get on the next flight to Medford.” Music has played many roles in my life, but over the last two weeks it has come full circle, back to the very person that gave me life, song, and an unquenchable desire to serve.

Tricia Leines Pine

Welcome to the Rejoice In Your Voice™ Masterclass Podcast, where I interview industry professionals, asking important questions of conductors, agents, singers, coaches, teachers, and directors, sharing powerful knowledge to help you craft your path to performing success! I want youaaa

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Tricia Leines Pine

Do you struggle with performance nerves? Do you want to make a deeper connection with the audience? Download my free character analysis, fill out the worksheet, and take your performance to a new level.

Tricia Leines Pine

Click on the above video to the introduction to this blog post…   Nurturing well-being in your creative life may lead to wonderful side effects, like feeling a sense of clarity, purpose, support, faith, inspiration, joy, even having more physicalaaa

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Tricia Leines Pine

We can play an active part in awakening our body, breath, and voice by doing exercises that support the respiratory process. Try this one to improve flexibility, strength, lung capacity, and vocal tone.