Have you always wanted to learn how to sing or have been singing for up to five years? Do you want to feel more confident about your voice?

Is singing an integral part of your busy life? Do you need brush up your skills and learn time-tested exercises to make performing more fun?

Is performing your passion and livelihood? Have you reached a plateau in areas of your technique and need to dig deeper to reach your goals?

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Tricia Leines Pine

Singers are smart.  We know how to take in information from a multitude of sources, make adjustments, and instantly apply it to our work; from the practice room to lessons, auditions, rehearsals, and to performances, we are highly observant, coachable, and eager to serve. But sometimes this outward focus may become our dominant tool and we forget to nurture the inner feel of the voice.

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Tricia Leines Pine

Are you singing from a state of “Lockdown”?

Are you breathing in, holding the ribs, and then producing sound? If you are feeling rib tension or rigidity while you sing, then you may be suffering from what I call Lockdown.

And, it may be negatively affecting the freedom of your voice.

Tricia Leines Pine

Whether you sing pop, jazz, blues, opera, musical theater, or country… you may find your solution to easy high notes in a creating a pure ahhhh vowel. 

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Tricia Leines Pine

Are your shoulders tight and tense? Shoulder tension may make it more difficult to sing with ease. Try these 5 shoulder stretches to open up your sound and sing with more freedom. 

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Tricia Leines Pine

  Who is important to you?   What do you hold valuable?   What would you put in your safe deposit box?   Last weekend, I traveled to Oregon to handle some details involving my mom’s estate.  Mom passed awayaaa